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6boost Turbo Manifolds

6Boost Turbo Manifold for Audi S2 5cyl RWD

6Boost Turbo Manifold for Audi S2 5cyl RWD

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Please note: 6Boost manifolds are made-to-order. Please contact us for accurate ETA.

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This listing is for a bare manifold only. Please consider available flange size/style for the turbocharger and a planned wastegate size.

6Boost manifolds are built on the back of over 10 years of design, research & testing, to give a premium turbocharger manifold offered with a lifetime warranty. All 6Boost manifolds are hand-made, starting with a CNC machined flange and ending in a bespoke merge collector. The design favours high horsepower applications, optimising gas flow to the turbocharger to maximise power potential as well as boost response. Reliability is achieved with durable steampipe construction, which is welded together and then sandblasted inside and out before being coated in a high temperature black enamel. Available in a variety of turbocharger flange and wastegate port options.

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