Kelford Mitsubishi Evo 9 MIVEC 4G63T Camshafts 282/288 Solid 9-SLX282

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  • Strip
  • Drag Race
  • Circuit Race
  • Road Race
  • Roll Race
  • E85
  • Methanol

282°/288° | 11.50mm/11.50mm Valve Lift

282° high HP solid lifter racing cams to suit well built time attack and drag racing engines. Suits 700hp+ 62mm+ turbo. Great with E85 and similar ethanol blend fuels. Broader power band and improved throttle response when using MIVEC. Not for OEM hydraulic lifters, must convert to solid lifter. For up to 9000rpm and 40psi boost Kelford Cams recommend valve spring KVS63-EXTREME.

Please note that some KELFORD CAMSHAFTS are made to order and there may be delays.