Bosch Mating Connector 6-Pin AMP D 261 205 358-01

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Bosch Mating Connector 6-Pin AMP D 261 205 358-01

Secure Your Electronic Throttle System with the Bosch 6-Pin AMP Mating Connector

The Bosch 6-Pin AMP Mating Connector (D 261 205 358-01) is essential for ensuring a reliable connection with your electronic throttle system. Designed for use with various Bosch electronic throttle bodies, this connector guarantees seamless integration and optimal performance.

Key Features:

  • Reliable Connection: Ensures a secure and stable connection for your electronic throttle system.
  • 6-Pin Design: Compatible with a wide range of Bosch electronic throttle bodies.
  • Durable Construction: Built to withstand the demands of high-performance applications.

Compatible Throttle Bodies:

  • 0 280 750 148
  • 0 280 750 149
  • 0 280 750 150
  • 0 280 750 151
  • 0 280 750 156
  • 0 280 750 101
  • 0 280 750 474


  • Seamless Integration: Designed to work perfectly with Bosch electronic throttle bodies, ensuring compatibility and ease of installation.
  • Enhanced Performance: Provides a reliable connection, crucial for the optimal performance of your electronic throttle system.
  • Durable and Robust: Constructed to endure the rigors of high-performance environments.

Why Choose Bosch?

Bosch is a leader in automotive technology, known for producing high-quality and reliable components. The 6-Pin AMP Mating Connector is no exception, offering the dependability and performance needed for advanced electronic throttle systems.

Upgrade your electronic throttle system with the Bosch 6-Pin AMP Mating Connector and ensure a secure and efficient connection.