Haltech Elite PRO Direct Plug-in and IC-7 Auxilary Connector kit HT-131001

SKU: HT-131001 Barcode: 9356450006040
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The Haltech Elite PRO Direct Plug-in and IC-7 Auxiliary Connector Kit HT-131001 is designed to provide a seamless connection for your Elite Pro Plug-in ECUs and IC-7 Display Dash. This kit ensures that your ECU and display dash are securely connected and functioning optimally, making it an essential accessory for performance tuning and monitoring.


  • Terminated Harness: Ensures secure and efficient connections.
  • AMP 34 Pin Connector: 4 Row, 4 Keyway connector for reliable connections.
  • DTM 4 CAN Connector: Enables CAN bus communication.
  • Spare Pins and Sealing Plugs: Includes 15 spare pins for the AMP connector and 30 sealing plugs for robust and adaptable installations.


  • Elite Pro Plug-in ECUs: Compatible with Haltech's range of Elite Pro Plug-in ECUs.
  • IC-7 Display Dash: Designed for use with the IC-7 Display Dash for clear and accurate data display.


  • Terminated Harness
    • 1 x AMP 34 Pin 4 Row 4 Keyway
    • 1 x DTM 4 CAN Connector
  • Spare Components:
    • 15 x Spare Pins to suit AMP Connector
    • 30 x Sealing Plugs


  • Included in Kits: The harness is included in the Elite Pro Plug-ins and IC-7 Display Dash packages. Purchase this kit if a replacement is required for your setup.

This connector kit is essential for ensuring that your Haltech Elite Pro Plug-in ECUs and IC-7 Display Dash are properly connected and performing at their best. Whether you're installing a new system or replacing a worn-out connector, this kit provides all the components you need for a secure and reliable installation.