MCA Pro Drift Coilovers suit HSV Y Series Maloo

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MCA Pro Drift coilovers to suit HSV VY Maloo.

  • Front spring rate: 14kg
  • Rear spring rate: 9kg
  • Front design: Non-Inverted Strut Design, Camber Washer Bottom Mounts, MCA Shock Shield Compatible.
  • Rear design: Coilover design (Not separate spring & damper design like factory), MCA Shock Shield Compatible.

With MCA Suspension’s own director being a highly experienced and a successful competitor in national and international drift events including Drift Australia and D1NZ, MCA have a long history of designing suspension products and setups for drift applications from entry-level, right through to winning national championships. MCA have also worked with many other top-level, well-known drivers from Australia and New Zealand. It was decided to take this experience and success and put it into a product specifically designed for drifting. The end result is the new Pro Drift suspension product, with unique valving derived from their Fusion 3.0 Valving technology, that is versatile enough to provide a wide range of grip/traction levels to suit various levels of drift cars and competitors.

Key Features:

  • Designed, Developed, Assembled & Fully Supported in Australia.
  • 3 Year Transferrable, Industry Leading Warranty program.
  • Can be Repaired, Reconditioned, Revalved and Resprung.
  • MCA Proprietary Fusion Valving Technology V3.0
  • Pre-selected spring rates and valving designed for competitive and enthusiast drifting.
  • Customisable spring rates by MCA depending on vehicle details.
  • Dyno Tuning & Testing high level of quality control.
  • 12 Clicks of Hard/Soft Damper Adjuster (Bump & Rebound together).
  • Camber Adjustment via top mount
  • Camber Washer Bottom Mounts
  • Damper Adjuster Extenders (where possible, see additional information).
  • Wheel travel range adjustment via the bottom mount (pre-set by MCA).
  • Height adjustment via spring seat position (base height adjustment is flawed).
  • Reinforced double-gusseted lower mounts (where applicable, see additional information).
  • Helper Springs to keep the main spring captive at all times.
  • Latest Rugged Spec internal sealing designs and components.
  • Superior Monotube design.

Whats in the box?

  • Complete suspension system.
  • Height adjustment tools.
  • Setup sheet.
  • Information sheets.
  • MCA stickers.
  • MCA lanyard.


  • Suspension:
    • 3 year warranty.
    • Warranty covers motorsport use.
    • Exchange program.
    • Repaired in Australia.
  • Air cups (if applicable):
    • 2 Year Warranty.