Voston Comfort Coilovers suit Mitsubishi Mirage CE
MCA Suspension

Voston Comfort Coilovers suit Mitsubishi Mirage CE

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Voston Comfort coilovers to suit Mitsubishi Mirage CE.

  • Front spring rate: 5kg
  • Rear spring rate: 7kg
  • Front design: Non-inverted strut design, Camber tops, MCA Shock Shield Compatible.
  • Rear design: Coilover design, 20cm damper adjuster extenders, MCA Shock Shield Compatible.

With a focus on comfort, Voston Comforts are designed to offer a good ride quality whilst still being fun to drive for basic street use. At the same time, you get the advantages of adjustable suspension such as damper, height and camber adjustment, where applicable. To help provide a quality product at this price point, the internals of the Voston Comforts are assembled overseas to MCA specifications and tolerances. Per order, we thoroughly test/check the dampers and then assemble the external parts (mounts, springs, spring seats, etc) onto the dampers at their Brisbane workshop.

Key Features:

  • Fully supported in Australia.
  • Partly assembled overseas, partly assembled in Australia.
  • 1 Year Transferrable, Industry Leading Warranty program.
  • 24 Clicks of Hard/Soft Damper Adjuster (Bump & Rebound together).
  • Pre-selected valving and spring package.
  • Camber Adjustment via top mount (where possible, see additional information).
  • Damper Adjuster Extenders (where possible, see additional information).
  • Wheel travel range adjustment via the bottom mount (pre-set by MCA).
  • Height adjustment via spring seat position (base height adjustment is flawed).
  • Helper Springs to keep the main spring captive at all times.
  • Superior Monotube design.

Whats in the box?

  • Complete Suspension System.
  • Height Adjustment Tools.
  • Setup Sheet.
  • Information Sheets.


  • Suspension:
    • 1 year warranty.
    • Repaired in Australia.

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