NPC Lightweight Billet Flywheel suit Toyota 1JZ R154 RNF42

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Lightweight Billet Steel Flywheel (to suit pull type clutch)

Type: Lightweight Performance Flywheel
Suits Clutch Kit: NPC766, NPC766CB, NPC766B5
Flywheel Dimension: -0.5
Ring Gear: Yes
Ring Gear Part Number: RG115
Replaces Dual Mass Flywheel: No
Spigot: Not Included

Make Toyota
1JZ Supra
Release Year 1986 - 2007
Series 1JZ/R154 5-speed Pull Type Clutch

This Lightweight Billet Steel Flywheel is individually engineered to have the ability to dissipate heat away from the clutch to improve performance. The way we do this is by making the friction area of the flywheel as thick as possible while removing as much weight from the outer diameter to improve the dynamic weight. This in turn also allows our flywheels to be machined and reused repeatedly without the cost of replacement. Machined in-house. 

NPC Performance Clutches are an Australian based, family owned business dedicated to producing high quality, high performance clutches to suit all needs - from daily drivers to heavy towing, and track or race cars. Components are sourced from OE manufacturers and modified to meet the greater demands of modern performance vehicles.