PRP Custom Trigger Kit to suit Nissan RB30 SOHC

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Platinum Racing Products is a firm believer of giving customers as many options as they need. This is why we have created this custom trigger kit listing which will allow you to mix and match upper and lower crank trigger kits in order to purchase something to suit your needs and application.

If you want the best of the best, you have come to the right place! PRP trigger kits have been fitted around the globe and have been tried and tested in many exemplary vehicles. Our PRO Series Trigger kit is the cream of the crop and has won world time attack open class 1st place (Xtreme GTR) and 2nd place (Integrated motorsports R34), our range of trigger kits are not to be confused with other brands! 

But some of you don't need to win world time attack, yet still want a quality product, we have you covered! In this single listing you can customize between our ENTRY level, INTERMEDIATE level and PRO series trigger kits...

Don't know what you need or simply can't make up your mind? Just take a few moments to read the information below on each of our kits and maybe watch our attached video at the bottom of the listing

To purchase a trigger kit, simply:

  • Choose your upper 'CAM" trigger option.
  • Choose your lower 'CRANK' trigger option.
  • Choose your CAM Trigger Plate colour (if applicable).
  • Custom Colours are to be specified in the "Special Notes" section which is located in the CART AREA, custom colours include: Green, Orange, Gold, Bronze, Cardo Zinc, Teal, Grey.

These trigger kits are designed for RB20 / RB25 / RB25 NEO / RB26 engines, See our options below:


Used as a direct replacement for CAS sensors, this stunning kit replaces the factory CAS sensor found on a Nissan RB engine and comes in a 12 tooth and 24 tooth configuration. If you are looking for a bolt-in Trigger kit for your RB engine that you can do at home without removing the harmonic balancer, then this is it!

The new Platinum Racing Products all in one cam trigger kit and CAS replacement is an absolute game-changer, for approximately 30minutes worth of work, you can add a world of reliability to your RB twin-cam engine and ditch that nasty OEM CAS unit that is simply fatigued and prone to failure. This kit is designed to be used with our stunning PRP Billet CAS brackets and features state-of-the-art MoTeC Hall effect PRO style sensors.

This entry-level kit gives a “crank” and “home” signal via the camshaft and is the new benchmark as a bolt-in solution for replacing the OEM unit and is relatively easy to fit, with no need to take the balancer off or tricky tools to get it all working. 

This setup is the best possible option over a factory Crank and CAS type OEM unit, but with no chance of ECU Edge swapping scenarios caused by camshafts that stop/start or bounce due to upgraded valve springs (the 360 hall windows are so small and close together in the factory unit).

If you are looking for something with even more performance capability and don’t mind removing the Harmonic Balancer, we recommend checking out our intermediate kits below. Both of these units will help you gain extra horsepower as they are designed to overcome belt stretch under high load by placing a sensor at both the crankshaft AND the camshaft, however, these kits do require a bit of “know-how” to get them going which you can also get from our tech guides HERE.

PLEASE NOTE: when setting up PRP CAS replacement Entry Level trigger kit on your aftermarket ecu, you will need to factor in that the CAS spins at half the engine speed, which means this will need to be configured as either a 6 Tooth Kit or 12 Tooth kit.

2. INTERMEDIATE KIT - For applications UP TO 700hp - (Uses Cherry/ZF hall effect sensor)

This kit uses a 12 tooth configuration and is a must have kit for all performance engines with the desire for accurate ignition data. Utilising the world renowned cherry/ ZF hall effect sensors top and bottom with a nice wide tooth for minimal risk of tooth miscount, these types of hall effect sensors are not too prone to electronic noise or interference, they are easy to set up and tooth gap is also not as critical as 'reluctor' type kits.

What separates this kit from the entry level kit? Well it provides a superior level of accuracy and engine protection as it protects against belt deflection. RB belts have been known to stretch up to 8mm if not more and this has a serious effect on ignition timing. If you were to call it a hypothetical 4 degrees ignition timing difference, that 'difference' could be making an extra 100hp or ending up with a blown engine

3. PRO SERIES KIT - For applications up to 3000hp at the wheels - (Uses MoTeC 'reluctor' sensor)

This is PRP's Big hitter and MOST RECOMMENDED trigger kit as it consists of our NEW 36 - 2 Tooth profile. Our PRO series 36-2 Crank trigger kit utilizes a MoTeC 'reluctor' type sensor and our all-new MoTeC Camshaft 'hall effect' type sensor, a completely sealed sensor with external plug system.

The PRP Pro Series Trigger Kit has been tried, tested and proven on MANY 1000hp+ street cars and famous motorsport cars such as world time attack open class 1st place winner 'Xtreme GTR' and 2nd place winner 'Integrated motorsports R34'.

This updated pro series trigger kit is specifically designed to be the ultimate in trigger systems with up to 3 times more data than our current 12 tooth intermediate system and it provides flawless resolution.

When designing this kit we set out to create a non-balancer-based trigger wheel as balancer casings tend to 'wander' far too much, especially when they are under load. We opted for a compact 100 mm trigger disc with a very large sensor being the ultimate sensor of choice for our intended application, hence the swept-back sensor mount design which positions everything correctly to make it all work perfectly!