Kinsler Fuel Pump Dual Entry / Duel Feed Fitting

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We have developed a high quality bolt on high pressure fitting for all kinsler pumps.

This multi purpose fitting has a few handy uses.

At the exit or high pressure end the dual feed makes for a neat dual fuel rails, but now also a dual feed so that you can solve your hot start issues by priming some cool fuel into the inlet of the pump for the pump gears to grab air free fuel but also to push the air back down the feed line and into the surge tank.

A simple fix for the only down side some guys get from heat soak into the pump while the engine is not running, usually avoidable by opening the hood but now a flick of a switch makes life easy.

Fuel boils at around 60-70 degrees Celsius when it’s not under pressure, you quickly end up with air rated fuel that can be punish when hot starting of the pump is above the surge tank in cam driven set ups, so now there is a neat solution.

We have manufactured both tough pump series 1 and series 2 fittings as they are different and hard anodized them to match the OG kinsler fuel pump.

Please check our media and guides section for plumbing of mechanical fuel pump instructions including priming for hot start solutions.