PRP LMGT1 Titanium Hardware Upgrade Kit

Regular price $830.00

Introducing the LMGT1 / LMGT2 Titanium Hardware Upgrade, an exceptional choice for those seeking to improve the performance and appearance of their wheels. This upgrade kit includes 36 top-quality titanium bolts and nuts per wheel, making it a perfect fit for 4 wheels.

Crafted from high-grade titanium material, these bolts and nuts are lightweight yet exceptionally durable. Their superior strength-to-weight ratio makes them capable of withstanding high levels of torque, ensuring stability and reliability on the road.

With precision-designed threads, with the original hardware LMGT1 look but now offered in a new Titanium Hardware Upgrade with an exceptional fit for your wheels. The kit's 36 bolts and nuts per wheel provide a complete upgrade, allowing you to enhance the performance and aesthetic appeal of your ride with ease.

Investing in the LMGT1 Titanium Hardware Upgrade not only enhances the look of your car but also ensures the safety and security of your wheels. Upgrade your ride with this high-quality titanium hardware today and enjoy a superior driving experience.

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