PRP RB30 Twin Cam Timing Belt Kit

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Fitting a twin cam head to a RB30 block? Then you need PRP's solution to the dreaded timing problem on a twin cam RB30, the PRP RB30 Twin Cam Timing Belt Kit!

Construct your own timing kit using the options we have provided, you can add our popular timing tensioner drilling kit which guides you and allows you to locate the perfect position for the tensioner, or maybe add our Series 1 to Series 2 RB30 block adaptor kit which allows you to passenger side mount the tensioner landing.

Whatever you choose, this kit gives you flexibility to purchase just what you need, but lets face it... you probably want all of it!  

Featuring quality reliable components, our full kit consists of:

*Gates Timing Belt
*OEM Idler and Tensioner
*OEM Quality Cam and Crank Seals
*PRP S1/S2 Block adaptor
*PRP Drilling Guide

Please note that the colour is BLACK ONLY for the RB30 timing Belt tensioner drilling tool AND the RB30 Block adaptor.