Setrab Fanpack with Shroud To Suit Narrow 19 Row Cooler SET-FP625FanOnly

SKU: SET-FP625FanOnly
Regular price $370.03

Turn your Setrab 19-Row Series 6 (wide) Oil Cooler into a complete Fan-pack with this kit!

This Fan-pack kit includes a 12 volt 340 CFM fan, fitted shroud, and custom brackets to mount the assembly to your Setrab cooler. It's the same kit as the Setrab Series 1, 19 Row Fan-pack (SET-FP625-M22I), but without the cooler. This kit is designed for conversion of existing Setrab Coolers. Adds less than 2 1/2" to the thickness of your cooler.

Notes: Will also fit Earls, Mocal, Serck and other brand coolers of the same matrix size.