Setrab 13 Row Narrow Oil Cooler SET50-113-7612

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M22 - Female

13 Rows

HEIGHT - 99mm

LENGTH - 210mm

DEPTH - 50

  • Maximum working pressure is 10 bar.
  • Corrosion protection: Nocolok brazing process and epoxy-coated.
  • Connections: M22 Female Thread, Adapters available to suit various applications
  • For use in hydraulic systems, engines, transmissions, transformers, fuel coolers, etc.


Setrabs unique modular system for the STD Oil Cooler gives them great freedom to adapt their coolers to most applications as regards external dimensions. The range comprises about 700 dimensions, besides which we can choose from among several different air fins, turbulators, mounting flanges, placements of connections, and about 60 different kinds of connections.


All types of installations should be assessed for the best method of mounting the oil cooler. When designing the mounting arrangement consideration should be given to avoid any undue stresses and vibrations being transmitted to the STD cooler. Hydraulic hoses should be used to connect both the inlet and outlet of the cooler and hoses should be free from stress so as not to induce any tension to the cooler connections. We also recommend the use of damping devices to isolate the cooler from vibrations whilst providing for expansion of the cooler when at full operating temperatures.