Speedflow 200 Series -6 Teflon Braided Hose per metre 200-06

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Speedflow 200 Series Teflon® Braided Hose is constructed from a PTFE (Teflon®) inner tube compatible with all brake & clutch fluids, oil & fuels. The outer stainless steel braided cover adds fire and heat resistance and gives the hose a high pressure rating. Sizes -6 and up are manufactured with an anti-static PTFE tube suitable for use as main fuel lines. 200 Series has been an industry standard since the mid 60's when it was first used as brake lines to reduce expansion and provide a much firmer pedal and more consistent braking. Since then this hose has evolved to be recommended in clutch, pressure lines, turbo lines oil, water and fuel systems!

  • A great versatile all round hose for Performance Vehicles!
  • Use with 200 Series Reusable or 520 Series Crimp Hose Ends.
  • PTFE (Teflon®) inner tube with Stainless Steel braided cover. (Blackened available)
  • Temperature Range: -70° C (-94° F) to 260° C (500° F).
  • Outstanding operating pressures. (3380psi with -6 & 200 Series Hose Ends)
  • Compatible with Brake, Clutch, Oils, Air, N2O, Coolant, Fuels, Hydraulics.
  • Recommended Hose for Unleaded, E85 & corrosive fuels.