TurboSmart BOV Race Port V-Band TS-0204-3004

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V-Band Clamp - Suit Turbosmart RacePort and Big Bubba BOVs

The Turbosmart RacePort and Big Bubba V-Band Clamp are essential for boost control. This clamp ensures a secure fit between the RacePort or Big Bubba Blow Off Valves and the compressor housing, allowing for a reliable connection that won't give way under pressure. Turbosmart's V-band clamps provide maximum strength and durability, making them an ideal choice to ensure the proper performance of your turbocharger system. With Turbosmart's V-band clamps, you can know that your setup will stay sealed no matter how much your engine is generating boosting power. Keep in mind, however, that regular maintenance should be performed on the clamp to ensure it remains tight throughout its life. With Turbosmart's V-Band Clamp, you can be sure that your RacePort and Big Bubba Blow Off Valves will always perform reliably and at their peak potential!