TurboSmart BOV TS-HKS Flange Adapter TS-0205-2061

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Turbosmart's Flange Adapter is designed to provide an easy and secure way to mount Turbosmart Plumb Back, Dual Port, Vee Port Pro, and Supersonic Universal BOVs to HKS-style flanges. The adapter allows for a snug fit between the Turbosmart product and the HKS flange so that no air or pressure leaks occur. Turbosmart's design ensures a perfect seal every time, providing optimal performance from your Turbosmart product. With Turbosmart's Flange Adapter, you can be sure you get the most out of Turbosmart products when used with HKS flanges. Whether you need fast response times or maximum boost control, trust Turbosmart to provide the best flange adapters. Get Turbosmart today and experience a performance you can rely on!

To keep your Turbosmart product running at its best, please ensure that the adapter is installed correctly according to Turbosmart's instructions and that all connections are secured tightly. If any problems occur during installation or operation, Turbosmart offers a limited warranty for products purchased directly from Turbosmart or an authorized reseller. So don't worry and get Turbosmart - you won't regret it!