TurboSmart FPR Kompact Bosch Sleeper TS-0404-1005

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An All-Black Fuel Regulator Upgrade Series for OE and Mild Upgrades to around 800HP. The FPR Kompact Series includes a Universal (1/8NPT) Inlet and Outlet and Bolt-ON direct replacement for Bosch in-rail style regulators as fitted to the VAG (Volkswagen Audi Group) of vehicles and the Ford 'Barra' Engine as found in the Australian Delivered Ford XR6 turbo. They are providing class-leading fuel control and response with a small footprint.

FPR Kompact range for Bolt on & OE (EFI) Upgrade for 35psi to 80psi

  • FPR Kompact Low Pressure (LP) upgrade for 3psi to 20psi


  • Stainless Steel Valve Seat
  • Suitable for all fuel types
  • 1:1 Class Leading Ratio & Response
  • Adjustable Pressure
  • 1/8 NPT Gauge / Pressure Sensor Port
  • Unique Locking Collar Design
  • Milspec Diaphragm
  • Detailed Specific Fuel Flow Data & Spec

FPR Kompact Series Available In:

  • FPR Kompact Bosch/Barra (Sleeper) TS-0404-1005
  • FPR Kompact Uni 1/8" NPT (Sleeper) TS-0404-1015
  • FPR Kompact Low Pressure (LP) Uni 1/8" NPT (Sleeper) TS-0404-1115