TurboSmart WG50 Alloy Outlet weld flange TS-0502-3008

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Turbosmart WG50 Alloy Outlet Weld Flange is the perfect accessory for Turbosmart external wastegates. This weld flange makes installation easy and ensures a secure fit. With its 50mm width, this product can be used with Turbosmart ProGate50 external wastegates. It is made from high-quality alloy materials, making it solid and durable for long-term use. With Turbosmart WG50 Alloy Outlet Weld Flange, you can achieve a secure and reliable connection for your Turbosmart external wastegate setup that will last for years. Get Turbosmart WG50 Alloy Outlet Weld Flange today and make sure your Turbosmart ProGate50 external wastegate setup is ready for action!