TurboSmart Gen-V WG45/50mm CG Diaphragm Replacement kit TS-0550-3060

SKU: TS-0550-3060 Barcode: 9329677019513
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GenV Diaphragm replacement kit to suit GenV HyperGate45 and GenV ProGate50 CG (Compressed Gas / C02) External Wastegates.


  • Diaphragm inc Spring Seat
  • Valve Retaining Clip
  • Spring Washer
  • 25mm Hex Diaphragm Tool


  • Does not suit Gen4 or earlier wastegates
  • Does not suit HyperGate45 Lite - Refer TS-0550-3059
  • Does not suit GenV Standard or HP wastegates - Refer TS-0550-3005