TurboSmart IWG75 Nissan ZD30 Kit 7 PSI TS-0615-4072

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The ZD30 3.0-litre four-cylinder turbo diesel was the most popular engine choice for Patrol buyers. However, in stock form, it tends to struggle under the Patrol's weight - a problem exacerbated when heavy off-road equipment and larger tyres are fitted. Therefore, it's not uncommon for owners to invest in tuning their Patrols to improve the vehicle's performance and drivability.

One of the problems when tuning a ZD30 is the erratic boost curve afforded by the standard actuator fitted to the VNT-style turbo, preventing the engine from reaching its full potential. This is the problem Turbosmart set out to solve with the new IWG-75 internal wastegate actuator for the ZD30DDTi.

Our dyno testing showed that the standard actuator experienced a dramatic 5PSI boost drop between 1700 and 2400 RPM, which caused a corresponding reduction in power and torque. While tuning fuel and timing increased the Patrol's peak power, it could not eradicate this drop caused by a lack of boost.

The Turbosmart IWG75 provided faster boost build-up, less drop-off at the top end, kept the boost steadier throughout the rev range - and eliminated the mid-range boost drop. The result was the higher peak power and significantly more power and torque where you need it daily - in the mid-range.

Combined with a chiptune, the results of the Turbosmart actuator were astounding. At 2000 RPM, the standard car produced 37.4kW at the wheels. With a chip alone, that was increased to 46.2kW. Adding the Turbosmart actuator, the power jumped to 63kW at the same revs - almost 60% higher than the standard.

The IWG75 Kit for the ZD30DDTi includes a Boost Reference Adapter that attaches between the vehicle's standard MAP sensor and the top-mount intercooler, providing an accurate manifold pressure reference to the actuator without having to tap into the manifold.

If you're tuning your Patrol, Turbosmart's Internal Wastegate Actuator helps you fix the Patrol's boost curve and get more power where it matters.

Includes Boost Reference Adapter with two pressure ports, two pressure nipples, a blanking plug, and fitting hardware.